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Matthew's Tune

Maori waiata over Scottish piper's mouth music celebrating Matthew's heritage

Just hangin' on 

You've got to hang on to someone

Rained off on a Wednesday

All play and no work !

Lost in the Ether

A grumpy old man's ballad to the lost generation

It's the way the Cookie Crumbles

Is it fate or is there a reason ?

Inimitable Replacement Therapy ( IRT )

When nothing else works !

The Seventh Road to the Cobblers Shop

A tune with hidden messages 

As good as it gets

The cops are getting younger !!

Kuaka E7

Godwit E7 was tracked from NZ to Alaska and back...It's path made the shape of a heart

Silver and gold

The new world order's coming

Florence Rose

Not too many fellas write a tune to the mother in law !!.... Jon C

For Diana/ The unbearded lady

The Kauri tree grows tall and strong

A new year's song

For big Ken

Tainted honey

To bee or not to bee...?

Where the music goes/ The empty chair

This one's for Scotty... my old banjo pickin' mate... thanks Phil for The empty chair

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 12.00.58

© 2018 by UZBLOKES

Dancing in time

For the grandkids

Cheshire Bowmen/ Hearts of oak

St Peter's Field

The Peterloo massacre 1819

Off the cuff

From the old world to the new

Bailey's tune

Jack and Mary

For all WW2 Kiwi Pilots

copyright 2019 by UZBLOKES

Screen Shot 2019-11-10 at 2.13.38 PM.jpg

Fake news

No news is good news

Mushy peas

On yer chips and on yer pies

My Tattoos

When you're down and feelin' blue.....

Up North

Where there's muck there's brass !


Screen Shot 2022-10-06 at 6.46.25 PM.png
Thanks to the following professional musicians for helping us to realise our vision for this album
Joe Callwood/ mixing/mastering
Chris O'Connor/ percussion
Tom Callwood/ bass
Susan Colien Reid/ violin
Gillian Boucher/ violin
Brent McFarlane/ percussion
Owen Mapp/ koauau
At a time we couldn't travel, we took a musical journey south
Getting over it
Back together again... and a live take to celebrate !
Getting over it
A heartfelt elegy by Jon and Phil for Pete's wife Ann who died during lockdown
Getting over it
A ray of light at the end of the Covid tunnel
Getting over it
For  Owen Mapp's epic voyage from the Shetland Isles to New Zealand
Getting over it
He rangi ka whakahonore i te hunga nā rātou i whakarauora ai i te reo Māori whai muri mai i tana pehitanga
Getting over it
Another crazy jam session.....the title is still a mystery
Getting over it
The end of a tough journey.......and still together
Getting over it
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